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Sayana Mongush


Kysyl, Tuva


Vera Bailak ist die letzte noch lebende Teilnehmerin des zweiten Weltkrieges aus Tuva. Tuva ist eine kleine Republik in Zentralasien, Tausende Kilometer von Deutschland entfernt. Bereits dieser Umstand hat mich dazu bewegt, diese Fotos in unsere Internetgalerie aufzunehmen. Warum wurde dieses kleine Volk in den Krieg gegen die Sowjetunion hineingezogen? Was hatte es mit Deutschland zu tun? (H. Wallner)





Sajana Mongush, die Fotografin aus Tuva, schrieb dazu:

Vera Bailak is the only left member of Tuvan Volunteers who took part in World War II in 1943-1944. They were a part of Soviet Army.

86 years. Has left on front having left the chest son, has returned and has given birth to 9 more children! Except the help live cattle (50 thousand the best racers Tuvinians have presented the Soviet cavalry) and without having filled this damage till now. Tuva has transferred the USSR more than 60 million roubles, (10 military planes then cost ... See Moreall 1 million), all "gold reserves", more than 200 Tuva legionaries were at war on the party of the Soviet army, but they were not awarded also by them should hide the real names because Tuva actually illegally was at war for the USSR. Though in Russia till now scoff on a theme: "Small Tuva declared war of Germany". And over the last 10 years from Moscow to Tuva 8 corpses of inhabitants of Tuva (students) killed by new Russian fascists declared "Russia only for Russian" have been delivered.




Kyzyl - the Red transport - in memory of the help of Tuva during the Second World War on May, 1st in Kyzyl representation before competitions on national struggle of "Huresh" has taken place. Tuva has assisted the USSR money, gold, legionaries (the alphabet before occurrence in structure of the USSR was in a Latin.


Zahlreiche weitere Fotos von Sajana Mongush sind bei facebook zu finden.

Bei facebook einfach unter Sajana Mongush suchen.



This photo taken May 9, 2010 in Tuva. On this day, a memorial monument to the dead during the Second World War. They were volunteers Tuva (Tuva was not part of the Soviet Union at that time) and the Russian citizens living in Tuva. Of the more than 200 Tuvinians 50% died in the battles for the liberation of Ukraine. Traditionally on this day in Tuva hold competitions on the national struggle "Huresh" and therefore there are pictures of sports.

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